These are my most popular Print Multiples ~ They are in Collections Globally

Many of my Limited Editions are less than 150 Signed/Numbered Prints and most of them are limited to 100, with few exceptions. I take pride in being involved in each and every process in the making of my prints and they are personally “Hand Embellished” and Remarqed by my own hand.

Celestial Shores

Celestial Cove Breakers

A Council of Nine


First Light

A Time of Sharing

Thy Dwelling Place ~ Psalms 84

Chromatic Echo

Ancient Dreams

The Augmented Sea

The Celestial Sea

Kira’s Dream ~ Moriah

Maiden Voyage of The Mo’okiha


Of Rhyme and Reason Time & Season

Standchion ~ Homage to Schubert’s Sarenade

La Mia Prerogativa

Magic Spell of Sun Lady

Magic Spell of Sun Lady (details)

Sun Lady

Terra Incognita

Higher Connections

Mid-Summer’s Eve in Ancient Telos

Yesterday, Today, & Forever

Forever Morning ~ “The Dream Awake”

Telos-Mu - “1st Edition Sold Out

Telos-Mu ~ Mural

Yours Truly - Printing Telos-Mu ~ Mural

Naacal Temple of The Pristine Wilderness

Naacal Temple (details)

The Lost Continent of Mu...

Amazing Grace

The Color of Memories

Journey From the Moon

The Mo’okiha O Pi’ilani by Moonlight

It’s About Time

Moonlight Over Lemuria



Majestic Silence

Puka Alua Sunrise at Piahi

Dream Walk

Sonata at Sea


The Brigantine Celeste by Moonlight


Paradise Cove

Maui Midnight Magic

The Gloria Lee at Sunrise

The Brigantine Lady Linda

The Lady Linda Sailing Out of the Storm Into the Light

Nonesuch River Falls

One Step Closer



Somewhere in Time


Whispering Hope

Going Bananas

Coming Home

The Jade Sea

Beside Still Waters

Open Water Music

Limited Edition of 100 Palette Clocks